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All persons listed above were issued individual identification numbers, to avoid mistakes when dealing with the same name in several different people. The sequence of numbers does not follow the natural chronology of their birth, but follows the sequence of identifying (from different sources) members of the Family.

Listed above are: 1. members of the Wajszczuk Family, 2. members of the related families ("side branches"), and 3. some members of families with "similar names", according to the information sent to us and at their request and with their permission.

  1. Persons, who belong directly to the branches of the Wajszczuk Family carry numbers: 0001 - nnnn

  2. Those belonging to the "side-branches" (directly related to the Wajszczuk Family) have numbers:
    a/ H001-Hnnn - Herman Family (related through Lucjusz and Wanda - [0086])
    b/ B001-Bnnn - Buraczynski Family (related, same as above)
    c/ P001-Pnnn - Caceres and Ortiz Families from Puerto Rico - related through Waldemar and Carmen (0087)
    d/ M001-Mnnn - Maciejewski/Maciejczyk Family - related through Piotr and Maria (0059)
    e/ BG001-BGnnn - Biegunski Family - related through Edmund and Maria (0075)

  3. "Similar" names: W001-Wnnn - Waszczuk (Poland, USA, Argentina)
    WA01-WAnn - Wajczuk (Argentina)

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