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Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw

Powązki Military Cemetery is open during the period from April 1 to September 30 from 7AM to 8PM, and from October 1 to March 31 from 8AM till dusk.
Cemetery Office
is open daily from 8AM to 4PM (payment window - from 8AM to 3PM) except Holidays and work-free days.
01-797 Warszawa, ul. Powązkowska 43/45, tel. (022) 633-21-40; 633-50-57

Cemetery location
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Localization of graves of the Insurgents (map fragment):

( [c] - general orientation point - mausoleum of W. Gomułka)

  1. Grave of Antoni and friends (A-27)
  2. Grave of Barbara Wajszczuk and Halina Soroczyńska (A-25)
  3. Symbolic grave of the "Gustaw" Battalion (B-24 [28] )
  4. Memorial wall of the "Harnas" and "Gustaw" Battalions (B-24 [34] )

- Insurgent graves