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Archive search and collaborators


Stanisław Wac - Lublin (search in National Archives and other institutions)

Reports from the reviews (2004 - 2007) - see

Review reports arranged by parishes - see

Continuation of search (2008-2012) - see

Barbara Miszta (0156) - Trzebieszów (search in Parish Archives) - see
Władysław Sobecki - Warsaw (search in National Archives and other institutions)


1) https://www.wajszczuk.pl/polski/drzewo/tekst/sprawozdanie_sobecki1.htm (in polish)

2) https://www.wajszczuk.pl/polski/drzewo/tekst/sprawozdanie_sobecki2.htm (in polish)


Krzysztof Sprzączak - Mińsk Mazowiecki (provides various bits of information about the Wajszczuk family, encountered during his search in the "Łuków lands", while building the genealogical tree of his family)

Teresa Jaroszyńska - (0097) - Lublin (Unofficial archivist of the Wajszczuk family branch from Siedlce - provided invaluable information and selection of photographs from the "family archives")

Czeslaw Talanda - Kulików (submits current information about his neighbours from the "Zamośc branch" of the Wajszczuk family)

Other individual contributors and family members are too numerous to be all listed here -
many thanks to them for providing missing information, photographs and updates.