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This page contains an integrated list/catalog of: a/ "Special Pages" (their list appears on the Index [main] Page of the Tree) and b/ individual personal Notes describing past activities and life stories of some of the persons, about whom such information became available to us. This page is also linked on the individual pages of the Tree under the symbol placed in the strips at the top and bottom of these pages. The Notes (under "b" - above) are also linked on the pages of the Tree next to the individual names (in their boxes) under the "booklet" symbol - .

Each individual page, on the list below, opens after clicking on the corresponding name/title. After clicking on the "back" arrow on the opened page - you will be directed to the corresponding page of the Tree.

Podlasie branch

003 Franciszek
 0003 Franciszek Wajszczuk
 0003 Józefa Wajszczuk
 0535 Stanisława Wajszczuk (Adamowicz)

022 Jan
 0571 Wacław Wajszczuk
 0572 Stefania Wajszczuk
   School History - teacher list of the Grammar School no.2 in Lukow
   Chronicle of Barbara Wachowicz Exhibit "PEBBLE ON THE ENTRENCHMENT"
(About the Underground Scouting movement and struggles during WWII)

059 Piotr
 Family home of Piotr and Maria Wajszczuk
 Wajszczuk family graves (in Siedlce and Lublin)
 0062 Zbigniew Wajszczuk
   Pictures from Siberia
   Index of the repressed persons "KARTA"
   ID's and other military documents
   School of the junior volunteers
   Polish deportees in the Soviet Union
 0074 Fr. Karol Wajszczuk
   Webpage devoted to Fr. Karol Wajszczuk
   Testimonial to Fr. Karol Wajszczuk - "pilgrimage" to Dachau
 0075 Edmund Wajszczuk
   Participants of the Warsaw Uprising
   Citizens of Siedlce in the Warsaw Uprising
 0083 Antoni Wajszczuk
 0084 Barbara Wajszczuk
   "Scout" Company of the "Gustaw" Battalion, "Rog" Concentration Group of the Home Army (AK).
   "Seb" was miraculously saved - article from the "Zycie Warszawy" newspaper
   So-called "tank-trap" - article from the "Rzeczpospolita" newspaper
 0085 Wojciech Wajszczuk
   Combat School of "Szare Szeregi", IV District of the Home Army - OCHOTA, Warsaw Region
   Parents' Committee Appeal regarding Construction of a Monument in Pecice
 0087 Waldemar Wajszczuk
 0090 Zbigniew Religa

103 Franciszek Wajszczuk
 0162 Fr. Feliks Wajszczuk

0683 Jan Wajszczuk
 0686 Robert Wajszczuk

Zamość branch

268 Jan Wajszczuk
 0274 Walenty Wajszczuk

0299 Jan Wajszczuk

311 Jan Wajszczuk
 0325 Jan Wajszczuk
 0327 Bruno Wajszczuk

329 Antoni Wajszczuk
 0330 Stefan Wajszczuk

363 Józef
 0364 Bolesław Wajszczuk
 0377 Lucjan Wajszczuk
 0382 Kristine Wajszczuk
 0383 Halina Wajszczuk

Nur branch

234 Franciszek
 0234 Franciszek Wajszczuk

Related last names

1114 Mikołaj
 1039 Teodor Wajczuk

Related Families

H001 Karol
H002 Albert Karol Herman
H003 Helena Albertyna Herman

M002 Bronisława
The Maciejczyks Family Gallery

M003 Tomasz


See also other pages (they can be also entered from the main Index page), which contain additional information about some of the members of the Family - they are:
"News" - about special contemporary events (weddings, new arrivals etc.),
"Archives" - collection of information - new and archival - curently available on the Internet (about employment, activities etc.).