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Kazimierz Wajszczuk 0423

Village of Studzianki in Mazowieckie Voivodship (east-central Poland). Kazimierz Wajszczuk died here in battle as a tank comander in 1944.

(Information below is based on the "WIEM Internet Encyclopedia" - http://wiem.onet.pl/52450,haslo.html)

Studzianki, since 1969 Studzianki Pancerne ("Armored"), a village in the Mazowieckie Voivodship, on the Radomka
and Nurzec rivers. Approximately 210 inhabitants (1884). During WWII, the site of a battle which took place 9-16 VIII 1944
between the 1st (Polish) Armored Brigade named after the Heroes of Westerplatte and the Soviet 8th Guard Army against
two German Panzer Divisions and a Grenadier Division. This was a deciding battle for maintaining the Warka-Magnuszew
bridge-head, in its course the 1st Brigade destroyed approx. 40 tanks and armored guns, 9 armored transporters, 26 artillery
pieces and mortars and captured a battery of guns. The Germans also suffered significant manpower losses.

(also - http://sirkamyk.republika.pl/miasta/studzian.htm) - (...) (During the battle) The village changed hands several times (the road crossing in Studzianki had to be re-captured by the Polish soldiers no less than 7 times! (...) Polish losses included 18 burned out and destroyed tanks and 9 damaged. (...) After the war the village was rebuilt. (...) In 1964 (on the 20th anniversary of the battle) a monument-mausoleum was unvailed on the outskirts of the village, designed by an architect Narcyz Szwejdzinski, in collaboration with Wlodzimierz Skolimowski. Its main accent is a tank No. 217 - the first polish tank, which entered the village.

The pictures taken by: Waldemar J Wajszczuk
e-mail: wwajszczuk@comcast.net