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With the purpose of making the "navigation" around the Wajszczuk Family Tree easier, we prepared a short "guide" - we will appreciate your comments and ideas. This part of the guide explains the contents of individual Sections and their Sub-titles, as listed on the Title (Index) page. In this description, we follow the sequences, as utilized on the Title page.


  • Structure of the Tree - branches - its basic element is an "individual window" (see drawing below), which contains information about a particular person (and spouse).

    Schematic drawing of an individual window

    Basic individual information includes: personal number of a person (the same for the spouse) - assigned according to the chronology of their discovery, name of a person, place of birth, place of residence, year (dates) of birth and death, profession (if known), first and last (maiden) name of a spouse and their date of birth and death. If not known, a question mark is substituted. For living persons, the space remains empty. Information regarding persons belonging by birth to the Wajszczuk Family is marked by bold-faced type. The last names of spouses (non-Wajszczuks) are indicated with italics and first (and last) names of their descendants - with a "normal" type. In addition, symbols may be placed in the "windows" of some persons, signifying the availability of additional information, such as photographs , , texts , - and so on - more about it below.

    The presentation arrangement (geometric design) of the Tree starts with the main trunk (in reverse vertical display) - starting with "legendary" two brothers who, according to the Family Saga, initiated two separate branches in the Podlasie and Zamosc Regions (see). Vertical arrangement of subsequent generations (from top to bottom of a page) is maintained for the few oldest generations, to allow easier comparison of the branches and families, connecting the branches and "matching up" the chronology, in particular in cases of branches which sofar could not be connected to the main trunk, because of inadequate information (for instance, generational gaps and/or differing localities). For the subsequent, more recent generations and families, about whom adequate and detailed information was available from personal communications - the horizontal display of generations (from left to right) was introduced. The occurrence of new (secondary) branches, connected with growing of the family, is indicated in a separate small window with an inscription: .  (branch). Generations are labelled with different colors in the individual windows (on the viewing screen only! - colors do not appear on the print-outs). The colors are shown in "Eplanations" page, under the  Objaśnienia/Explanations. symbol. There are also other explanations describing the graphical details of the pages.

  • Diagram: -pages, -dates -  the basic diagram - pages shows the structure ("design") and links of the individual pages of the Tree, which usually correspond to the major and secondary branches, which in turn contain information about their structure and about individual members of the families. Other pages, containing "supplemental" materials and listed in the section "Information about the Family" (see below) are not included here. Diagram - dates follows the basic design of the "diagram - pages" (above), but is supplemented with the known and exact or with the estimated dates (years) of birth of the branch "seniors" - to allow comparisons of the chronology of individual branches, appropriate "fitting in" of the new information and matching up of the unconnected Family branches.

  • Recent Discoveries - here are described briefly the details of new information recently incorporated into the Tree, including their source and their location (page address) on the Tree.

  • Persons "to-be-indentified" - continually updated list od persons, who most probably belong to the Wajszczuk Family, who were usually found through the Internet search and about whom we do not have any information. We would appreciate assitance in identifying their roots to be able to assign them to a Family branch.

  • Closely related families - individual pages about families related by marriage to some members of the Wajszczuk Family (they usually include only a few contemporary generations), reconstructed on the basis of information available or provided to us. At present, they mostly represent the Family branch of Piotr [0059] from Siedlce (the initiator of this webpage belongs to this branch - however we would be happy to build and incorporate similar pages about other members of the Family, if they submit to us such information.

  • Similar last names - collection of information about similar last names, which were recorded at the time of the recent census in Poland, including short discussion regarding the possibilities of "familial connections" among these names (families). We would appreciate your remarks and comments! We are receiving occasionally correspondence and inquires regarding possibilities of such connections, in particular from persons with the last name WASZCZUK - this name occurs in Poland approximately eight times more frequently than the name Wajszczuk. We do not have any definite answers, except that we have encountered on several occasions (in old records as well as during more recent personal encounters) mistakes in spelling of the last name including almost all its possible variants (see) - they were more frequent in old records from the XVIII and XIX centuries, although they were also seen in the XX century.


This is a collection of general information concerning the whole Family or its branches, as well as about its individual members. The materials were prepared on the basis of information available or submitted to us, or collected from the Internet. A separate section is devoted to reports, illustrated with photographs, from several trips and meetings "Down the Wajszczuk Family Trail", which were conducted with the pupose of collecting materials for the Tree.

  • About the -Family and -Tree - sofar, because of the very limited amount of information about the Family, which was available to us at the time of the inception of this project, we are mentioning only very briefly the old Family legend concerning the possible origins of the Family and of the last name. Along with the progress of our studies, we will provide more details and will try to summarize them. At present, more detailed descriptions of the families or individuals are available only for a very few persons - see below. Origins and history of construction of this Tree are described on a separate page, including periodic brief summaries of most recent and important discoveries.

  • Family "Nests" - information concerning the two currently recognized "primary" Family nests - Trzebieszow in the Podlasie region and Sitaniec in the Zamosc region (see map).

  • Maps - collection of maps illustrating the regions and places of residence as well as directions of migration of the Family members in Poland and around the world.

  • On the Wajszczuk trail - reports from the initial travels along the known "trail" of the Family in Poland. Also includes a visit in Poland of the Family members currently living in Argentina and a "pilgrimage" to the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany.

  • Cemeteries - collection of photographs from visits to some of the cemeteries in Poland, where the Family members are buried.

  • Supplemental information  - additional details about different members of the Family, which were collected from various sources; they are indicated in the individual windows by symbols (shown below) representing several cathegories of information:

  • Family gatherings -  reports with photographs from several tours of different regions and localities in Poland and abroad, connected with searching and meeting the Family members and collecting new information.


  • Recent updates  - top of the page - list of pages, where new information was just added. Date of the most recent update and page address are given (for instance - 609stanislaw - see Diagram). Page opens after pressing on the date or name.

  • Central (vertical) bar contains::
    • "Guestbook" - please, contribute your ideas and/or information!
    • "Special pages" they are an important element of the Tree - they are rather extensive essays devoted to some members of the Family, who lost their lives or their lives were otherwise markedly affected by World War II. Please, contribute similar stories about your family!
    • This icon indicates access to the "page links" (diagram) of the Tree


Prepared by: Waldemar J Wajszczuk & Paweł Stefaniuk 2023
e-mail: drzewo.rodziny.wajszczuk@gmail.com