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Remembering Fr. Karol Leonard Wajszczuk

On Saturday July 3, during celebration of the "Days of Drelow" (map), a special scientific session of the Society of Friends of the Drelow District took place, during which Fr. Karol Leonard Wajszczuk (0074) was remebered. He served for many years as a Parish Priest in Drelow and perished in 1942 in the Nazi conventration Camp at Dachau (see). The Society designated earlier the year 2004 as a Year of Remembrance of Fr. Wajszczuk. In addition to the local population, the participants included representatives of local and district authorities and members of Fr. Wajszczuk's family. The principal speech recalling his life and deeds was delivered by dr Jozef Geresz. After his presentation, the personal reminiscences were presented by: the President of the Society, former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, Representative Franciszek Jerzy Stefaniuk, the Family Members and finally by the current Parish Priest - Fr. Roman Wiszniewski. He also described current efforts locally to initiate the beatification process for Fr. Karol. After the end of the scientific session, the participants went to the local cemetery to lay wreaths. Religious ceremonies took place in the nearby Hermitge at Horodek, followed by the entertainment by local talents (vocal ad dancing groups) and invited artists. Several local press releases followed the celebrations and a special brochure was published commemorating Fr. Karol Wajszczuk.

On Sunday, July 4, after the morning Holy Mass in a local church, we proceeded to the not-too-distant Trzebieszow, where we worked together with a cousin Barbara Miszta (0156) until late into the night "arranging and matching up" the individuals and branches on the Family Tree.

On Monday, July 5, we visited the Communal Public Library in Drelow and a special exhibit there commemorating Fr. Karol. Our guide was the Library Director - Mrs. Danuta Stefaniuk. Afterwards, we proceeded to Lublin.

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Communal Culture Center -
scientific session took place here

From left: Anna Wajszczuk-Religa (0090), Malgorzata Religa (0091) and Mrs. Stefaniuk.

Fr. Edward Klopotek (0202) viewing the exhibit of documents relating to Fr. Karol Wajszczuk

Introductory remarks by the President of the Society of Friends of the Drelow Doistrict - Franciszek Jerzy Stefaniuk.

The key presentation by dr Jozef Geresz. Sitting behind are: Fr. Edward Klopotek, District Starost from Biala Podl. - Tadeusz Lazowski, Drelow Commune Chief - Piotr Kazimierski, Deputy Chief of the Kakolewnica Commune - Adam Szulik

Attending, members of the audience - Society and family members and invited citizens of Drelow

Niece of Fr. Karol Wajszczuk from Lublin - Teresa Jaroszynska (0097) and her son Maciej

From right: Son and daughter of Fr. Karol's younger brother - Anna Wajszczuk-Religa and Waldemar Wajszczuk, next sits the Society President - Franciszek Jerzy Stefaniuk.

Dr Jozef Geresz - describing unknown facts from the life and accomplishments of Fr. Karol Wajszczuk

Fr. Roman Wiszniewski - current Parish Priest in Drelow describes the activities of his predecessor in Drelow - Fr. Karol Wajszczuk.

Teresa Jaroszynska could not hold back tears, while sharing her memories

Following the speeches, the participants had an opportunity to see the exhibit of documents

Tombstone-monument honoring
the murdered victims of World
War II from Drelow

After the Scientific Session, the Family and Society officials placed flowers at the grave-monument honoring the victims of WWII

Meeting in the cemetery - family, from left: Malgorzata Religa (0091), Anna Religa (0090), Teresa Jaroszynska (0097), Andrzej Jaroszynski (0098), Maciej Jaroszynski (0102) and Joanna, wife of Andrzej

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Text and photographs:
Waldemar J. Wajszczuk and Paweł Stefaniuk
(c) 2004

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