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"Previously unknown" branch in the Zamosc region

In the Fall of 2002, we established a first contact with the family of Roman Wajszczuk (0945), originally from Sulow (see map). He visited us then in Warsaw and we visited their family in Skierniewice in Summer of the next year. Prior to this trip, they provided us with the addresses and telephone numbers of other members of their family in Sulow and informed them about our impending visit. We arrived there on Wednesday August 7 and visited initially in Kolonia Sulow Roman's father - Marian (0944) and brother Ryszard (0948) and their families and then his uncle Tadeusz (0939) and his family. Afterward, we met the family of Roman's grandfather's brother - Walenty (1250) , who live in nearby Sulow.

While there, during conversation with Walenty's widow, we were able to solve the puzzle of a name variant Walszczuk, which was mentioned to us previously and was said to exist (linger) in this branch of the family - it was explained that a transcription error occured in the Communal Office during some kind of court proceedings and it was never corrected afterwards. We were able to see (and copy - see photograph below) Walenty's identification document, in which the last name Wajszczuk is spelled correctly! But to add to the confusion, the official address tablet on the house (issued by the Community) spells the name incorrectly, as Waszczuk. Independently, all members of the family encountered during this trip, stated uniformly that they are all directly related and belong to the same Wajszczuk family branch, whose members are scattered in the vicinity of Sulow. They all belong (or belonged) to the old original Parish in Szczebrzeszyn and are buried there. Insufficient time did not allow us to visit the Parish offices there or visit the cemetery, which is apparently quite large. The family members, who we spoke with, did not know much about their ancestors and where did they come from and did not have any contacts with members of the Family branches in a not-too-distant Wysokie, Sitaniec and Zamosc.

Searching for more information we travelled, accompanied by Ryszard and his son, from Sulow to the Parish office in nearby Tworyczow - there was no one there. We continued to the cemetery in Nielisz - apparently somebody has seen there recently some tombstones with the name Wajszczuk - we found none! A search of old records in the Szczebrzeszyn Parish will have to be carried out to establish the origin of this Family branch and to complete the missing information.

From Sulow, in the early evening and passing through Wielacza (Parish site for Wysokie), we continued to Zamosc for the next meeting there.

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Entering Sulow

In Marian's (0944) house - demonstarting the Tree on a computer screen

Marian Wajszczuk with his son Ryszard (0948).

Marian's granddaughters:
Agata (0950), Katarzyna (0953), Agnieszka (0952)

Marian's wife - Bronislawa

Marian's grandchildren: Agata, Kasia, Agnieszka and Paweł (0947)

Kamil Wajszczuk (0949) with his grandfather Marian

Ryszard Wajszczuk with his son Kamil

Marian's family in front of the house

Next door - Tadeusz Wajszczuk (0939) and family. From left: Monika (0942) with daughter Weronika, her husband Waldemar, Tadeusz, Wiesław (0941) - Tadeusz's grandson, Krystyna - Tadeusz's wife.

Little Weronika (1255) playing
with dog.

Address tablet on Walenty's (1250) house. Last name has been misspelled!!!

Guard dog in front of the house.

Walenty's Identification Document confirms correct spelling of his last name.

Walenty's son - Henryk (1253) Wajszczuk

Walenty's wife- Anna

Kamil Wajszczuk (0949) proudly demonstrates a traditional horse and a modern mechanical one.

Ryszard in front of his property - see beautiful flowers!

Searching for Wajszczuk tombstones in the cemetry in Nielisz

Old wooden church in Tworyczow - current Parish site for residents of Sulow and Wolka Sulowska.

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Text and photographs:
Waldemar J. Wajszczuk and Paweł Stefaniuk
(c) 2004

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