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Zamość, Wysokie

Meeting other members of the Zamosc branch

Passing through Wielacza, on the road from Szczebrzeszyn to Zamosc, we took only a photograph of the road sign - in 1843, Jan Wajszczuk (0299) was registered in the Parish here (see copy of his birth certificate),(perhaps he was also born here?) He apparently then lived in Wysokie, but his descendants were born (or perhaps were only registered - due to an administrative change in the Parish affiliation?) in Sitaniec. It will have to be determined by reviewing the old records.

We were awaited in Zamosc by members of Stefan's (0330) family - his wife Maria, son Wojciech and daughters Krystyna and Jadwiga. It was our first opportunity to meet them in person. Stefan's father - Antoni (0329) was born in 1891 in Sitaniec; his grandfather was - "Jan from Wielacza"! The evening passed listening to the Family stories and reminiscences - unfortunatelly, we were not able to establish the exact details of connections between branches of the Family living in Wielacza, Sitaniec, Zamosc and Wysokie (see below).

We arrived at the hotel in late evening. The Cafes in front of the Old City Hall were full of guests and the Market Square was beautifuly illuminated (see photo below).

Passing through Wielacza

Visiting Stefan Wajszczuk's (0330) family in Zamosc

From right: Stefan's wife - Maria and daughter - Jadwiga

Stefan's son - Wojciech and daughter - Krystyna

Zamosc - City Hall and Market Square at night

Next day, Thursday August 8, we visited a Wajszczuk family in Wysokie. We knew previously very little about this branch of the Family. They descend from Stanislaw (0286), who was first cousin of Antoni (above) and was born in 1852 in Wysokie. (It appears that in later years, there was rather little contact between these two branches of the Family, living in Sitaniec and in Wysokie)?

Stanislaw had 6 children - during this visit we met descendants of his two youngest sons, Walenty (0274) - born in 1900 and Jozef - born in 1904.

From Walenty's line, we met his son Adolf (0278) and his wife, his grandson Adam and his family and his daughter Helena (0290) Pyplok and her husband. The Pyploks, who live permanently in the province of Silesia, were spending their vacation in their summer home in Wysokie. Previously, during a visit in Zamosc in 2002, we met Walenty's youngest son - Janusz (0296) and the daughter of his other son Mieczyslaw (0283) - Renata (0286) and her little daughter.

From Jozef's line, we met his son Witold (1080) - he was resting on a bench by his house after a recent illness - and his daughter Lucyna (1109) Tor and her son and his wife. They were also vacationing in their summer house in Wysokie. They gave us a copy of their father Jozef's death certificate issued by a Public Registry in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) - see. In it, the stated date of death is December 12, 1942 and the place is Auschwitz. According to the family, he died there in the Concentration Camp (It will have to be checked further directly - so far we could not find his name there in the Camp records, which are accessible to the public).

This was the last "stop" during this trip down the trail of the Wajszczuk Family. It was very successful, occasionally quite emotional, allowed meeting many new persons and gathering a substantial amount of new information. We want to express our deep gratitude to the organizers of meetings in Drelow and in Zolkiewka and to the distant relatives for their warm welcome and hospitality. Special thanks to Pawel Stefaniuk for providing his car, serving as a guide and driver and for his patience during long hours of meetings, and in particular for documenting electronically on pictures and on paper the acquired information. Until next year!

Meeting Witold Wajszczuk (1080) in Wysokie

Witold giving directions - holding a brochure about Fr Karol

Meeting Lucyna Tor (1109) and her son Tadeusz. We were not able to clarify the circumstances of death of her father - Jozef

Lucyna Tor and her son

Visiting Adolf Wajszczuk (0278) family. From left: Renata (0282), Henryka (0278), Michal (0958) and below - Rafal (0959)

 Adam's (0282) sons: Rafal and Michal playing with a cat

Helena and Fryderyk Pyplok (0290)

Lukasz Wajszczuk (0957) with his father Adam (0282)

Conversations under the cherry trees

The Pyploks in front of their summer home

Original old Wajszczuk property and residence in Wysokie

Adolf Wajszczuk (0278) in his flower garden

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Text and photographs:
Waldemar J. Wajszczuk and Paweł Stefaniuk
(c) 2004

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