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in the footprints of Helena Herman

Visiting at the home of the Monastic Assembly of the Sisters of the Name of Jesus in Klimontow.

We were planning already for some time to visit the place, where grandfather Albert Herman's sister spent many years of her life, as a member of this non-frock Assembly (see). With my wife Carmen, we had a great sentiment for her and were indebted to her - she helped us to arrange the wedding ceremony at a unique oild church in Warsaw (SS. Wizytki) after our arrival to Poland from the United States in 1962. An opportunity arose during a sightseeing trip, on return from Krakow to Warsaw. We found the place without difficulty, it was located near an old Collegiate Church, presently called the St. Joseph's Church (see maps of Klimontow - 1.Location, 2. Map of Town). The Assembly Home was in existance there for many years and at one time included an Orphans' Home, Trade School and Girls' Dormitory. At present, only members of the Assembly live there. Unfortunately, the Mother Superior was absent, but one of the members (in the picture below) gave us a warm welcome, showed around and described their current activities. The memory of Helena Herman, known in the community as Sister Urszula - (see), remains there alive. We were given a recently published brochure describing the life and work of S. Urszula.

Entering the Klimontow

Carmen (0087) and one of the members (on the right) in front of the quarters of the Assembly

Former building of the Girls' Orphanage - statue of Virgin Mary stands in front

View from the gardens towards the old baroque Collegiate Church from the XVII c.

While driving again in the direction of Warsaw, we stopped briefly at Studzianki Pancerne - to visit the battlefield, take photographs and pay our respects - Kazimierz Wajszczuk (0423) died here in 1944 (see)

see also:; (map of Swiętokrzyskie Voivodship), (city plan of Klimontow)

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Text and photographs:
Waldemar J. Wajszczuk and Paweł Stefaniuk
(c) 2004

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